4 Tips to Ensure You Finish 2017 Strong

“A firm decision to do or not do something,” is how Google defines resolution.  Now that we’re half way through 2017, and two days from the official start of summer, it’s time to revisit what we set out to accomplish this year.

Each new year presents the opportunity to firmly decide to address an area of our life we’d like to improve. Often we make the same resolution year after year….after year.

We aim for the stars and commit to earning a promotion, losing weight, or even saving enough money to buy a home.

January always starts off with the best of intentions, and then you blink and it’s summer. It’s still a new year, but the same old you. We’re back to procrastinating at work, finishing the plate of homemade cookies in the break room (thanks Karen from H.R.), or impulsively buying things we don’t need in line at Target. Why!?


The reason: Our goals that fail are not S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound.)

Here are 4 ways to improve your January resolutions and finish out the second half of 2017 strong:

First, set mini goals. Small wins arm us with the confidence and momentum we need to achieve anything. Brainstorm the actions that are necessary to obtain your larger goal. Instead of setting a goal to lose weight, let’s get ourselves into the gym before work 4 times this week. Instead of setting a goal to earn a promotion, let’s put in 30 minutes of studying every day this month to ace a new certification.

Next, write them down where you can see them. This will hold you accountable. If your goals are floating around in your head, they’ll get lost between remembering to give your dog his heart worm medication and taking out the recycling on Wednesday.

Then, schedule time into your calendar to make your plan come to life. It’s difficult to do something you’ve never done before. These actions outside of your comfort zone will just move down your “To-Do” list unless you prioritize. Scheduling them like a meeting on your calendar helps you make sure to set aside time for investing in yourself.

Finally, crush it. You’ll be happy you started now when 2018 arrives.

Maria & Swayze
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