Review: GLOW & What We Can Learn from Ruth

Last night I finished the new Netflix Original series, GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.) You can find it correctly categorized in the “Binge Worthy TV” section- I highly recommend.

Here’s a quick summary that has no spoilers beyond the pilot:

The plot is similar to an 80’s version of a League of their Own. A group of misfits audition for a show around women’s professional wrestling. Although the costumes, hair, and makeup are incredible, the wrestling promotion seems to be doomed from the start…The main character, Ruth, becomes at odds with the director given her expertise as a “real” actress (their banter back and forth is amazing.) Ruth’s best friend, Debbie is a former soap opera actress and cast to be the promotion’s star. Their friendship falls through when Ruth ends up having an affair with Debbie’s husband. This makes for great wrestling and even better television.

Check out the official trailer.

Although I had a lot of inner turmoil rooting for the homewrecker, Ruth really steals my heart despite her poor choices. In the beginning of the season she is lost in the world with no self respect. Being faced with rejection in auditions and objectification of her body, she feels sorry for herself and lives an unhealthy lifestyle.


When Ruth starts putting herself into wrestling, learning new skills, and connecting with other women you see a major change in her. Ruth suddenly becomes confident, passionate, and supportive to her team. She shifts her focus from her own problems outside her control, to what her body can accomplish. This change in her mindset results in building up the other women around her and solving the major challenges of the group. She might even win back Debbie’s friendship.


This is something we can all learn from…

Overall, as women, the majority of us are really tough on ourselves. We compare our bodies and our lives to friends, celebrities, and bikini butt models on Instagram- What good does it do?

Instead focusing on flaws and problems outside our control, take a lesson from my girl Ruth:

“But then I found wrestling. It saved me.

Coming to the gym everyday, seeing these women struggle to use their bodies and learn something new. We did.

It’s a better feeling than drugs.”

I’m not telling you to go out and buy a singlet, but if you identify with this constant comparison or are in a slump, go set some goals and create a plan to achieve them. Shift your focus from how your body looks/problems outside your control to what your body can accomplish/solutions.  This fundamental change in my thinking has allowed me to be happier, more positive, and hopefully more supportive to those around me.


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