Weight Loss Insight from Google

Today my jeans feel a little tighter and the number on the scale looks a little higher. I’ve been blessed with a lot to celebrate over the past few months! These celebrations have come with travel, sweets, dining out, champagne, and also a couple extra pounds.

Patrick & I got engaged in Hawaii 2 months ago and have been celebrating ever since!

Trying not to panic, I poured my coffee, and turned to my trusted adviser to get me back on track:

weight loss regimen

Shocked and disappointed in myself, I shut my computer. Is this what America is really googling? Did I really just google “Weight loss regimen”?

The answers to these questions are not the solution to our problems. These questions ARE the problem. This is why over 1/3 of Americans are obese. We want results now and someone to tell us what to do. We just have the find the perfect diet to lose weight.

Like some of you that are reading, I’ve tried a number of diets, followed a handful of workout regimens. While each plan that I’ve “followed” has taught me something new, the gist is the same. Eat a balanced diet while limiting carbs and dairy, cut sugar, reduce intake, and exercise most days.

Today I realized, we don’t need to be told the answers to the test. We don’t need expensive guides, fancy Tupperware, or supplements to achieve our goals. We all know we should be eating more veggies.

The challenge is in sticking to a plan, it’s turning down that second glass of wine, skipping the bagel at your office breakfast, and taking the time to prep food for the week instead of going out for wings and beer on Sunday.

In all my research and experience, I think I stumbled on the secret:

Before we build any physical muscle, we should strengthen the muscle of willpower. I’m confident that willpower + planning is more valuable than any Bikini Body nutrition guide you can find on the internet.

How do we build this muscle?

  1. Set achievable goals that are important to you- By setting achievable goals, we are more likely to hold ourselves accountable and make choices that are aligned with these goals.
  2. Make it easy to stick to your plan– Remove all unhealthy processed and sugar filled foods from your house and replace it with nutritious ingredients. Pack healthy snacks when you are on-the-go so that it’s less tempting to stop and get fast food.
  3. Limit stress and get sufficient sleep– Being well-rested allows us to think clearly and make smart choices. Before turning to sugar in a stressful situation, take a minute to breathe and relax.

It is within all of us make positive changes in our health and life through willpower and building good habits. If you’re like me and have researched the most effective plan to get you into your best shape, take a step back and brainstorm what you as an individual need to do to set yourself up for success before you dive in.




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