Hey there!


I’m Maria. And that golden fur ball of love is Swayze. We currently live in Charleston, SC with a handsome fiancé named Patrick. All 3 of us love the beach, exercising outside, and cooking new recipes.

Sunday meal prep with my sous chef!

I decided to start Girl Powered to empower women to achieve their wellness goals through education and action. 

I AM: a healthy, happy, and motivated young woman. I invest a ton of time into researching and testing the most effective ways to improve my level of fitness. I love challenging myself with new goals that are outside my comfort zone.

Like entering my first powerlifting meet. Terrified…I even wore a singlet!

I’m NOT: a fitness guru, claim to have the perfect beach bod, or have 10 years of experience training Olympic athletes…

So how did I get here?

Growing up there was rarely a meal without seconds. My sisters and I are blessed with a mom who is an excellent cook! We ate healthy with the exception of occasional buttered garlic bread accompanying dinner and of course an XL slice of cake for birthdays.

The original gang all grown up + Kids + Spouses.  I love these guys the most!

My weight and exercising was never a focus or topic of conversation until I entered college. Being surrounded by a ton of beautiful young women in my sorority made me constantly compare myself to others. A combination of midnight mozzarella sticks and sugary liquor drinks made me gain weight (Thanks RJ Bentleys) which led to a negative body image.

Instead of educating myself on ways to live a healthier lifestyle, I focused solely on weight loss and cutting calories.  Because I knew everything already I came up with a full proof plan-  Lotsa Cardio – Food = a skinnier, better Maria. Ask any of my former Math Professors and they’ll tell you I have no business creating formulas. This approach would work for maybe 2 weeks, and then I’d give up and love ice cream. This was a constant unhealthy cycle for years.

What broke this eat less, exercise more mentality that a lot of us women fall into was a shift in mindset around goals, food, and attitude. I became open to other ideas and made a commitment to myself be proactive in my health and take action. I hope to fuel you with new ideas and motivation to prioritize your health!


Maria & Swayze








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